Draper Expert Metric Ratcheting Ring Spanner Set Awarded ‘Recommended’ – Workshop Magazine

Metric Ratcheting Ring Spanner Set (5 Piece) Awarded Recommended

The December 2016 Issue of Workshop Magazine performed a product test on a range of ratchet spanners, awarding the Draper Expert Metric Ratcheting Ring Spanner Set (stock no. 31991) “Recommended” along with a rating of 4/5.

“Unless you’ve used them, you probably won’t realise just how incredibly useful and ingenious ratchet spanners are.” – Andrew Evans

“A fascinating hybrid, the ratchet spanner combines the compact dimensions of a ring spanner with the ratcheting mechanism you’ll be more familiar with from your socket driver to provide a clever solution you never knew you needed. The ratchet spanner is essentially designed to solve the problem of having to repeatedly engage and release a spanner on a difficult-to-access nut or bolt. With tight, modern engine bays, you may find plenty of fasteners that you can’t get a socket on due to the clearance above it (especially when it’s wound all the way out) and with only enough room for a sixth of a turn with a spanner. A ratcheting spanner turns dealing with this annoying fixing into a 30-second job.”

Draper Expert Metric Ratcheting Ring Spanner Set

Stock Number: 31991

These have something of an unusual look to them, abandoning the traditional spanner form for a robust multi-piece construction. They’re certainly chunky and solid and with a switchable ratchet mechanism inside the handles they’re a little more versatile than the other options here – you won’t need to reseat to change direction. The fact that each spanner has two different sizes is also a nice touch.

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Workshop Magazine – December 2016.