Draper Expert Sliding Compound Mitre Saw – Tool Business + Hire Review

mitre saw 28045

The April 2015 edition of Tool Business and Hire Magazine published an independent product review written by Peter Brett on our “Expert Sliding Compound Mitre Saw(28045)“. The review highlights pros of the saw including its Easy accurate adjustments, good quality build, and portability.

” … Mitre saws, big and small, are now a well-established part of trade and DIY toolkits. Prices are also very competitive, so it is not beyond the budget possibilities for a competent DIYer to justify even for a single big job … ”

“First impressions were favourable, the alloy castings look robust and well finished. The alloy mitre table is smooth and polished underneath some instructional stickers and the rear one-piece fence looks big and well supported enough to guarantee the capacities of which the saw is capable.
The sliding saw head is released by undoing a lock screw and the twin sliding bars are polished and strong enough with little sideways play on the sawhead.
The sawhead is released on a spring via the release catch, again substantial and up to the job. Another useful feature is the trenching stop on the left hand side of the arm that enables fixed-depth trench cuts to be made.
Adding the accessories is straightforward. The side table extensions are handed so you need to make sure that they are correctly mounted. A screw on the end of each guide rod ensures that they won’t fall out and they can be locked into place with a screwed knob. Each side table has a built in pop-up stop as well, very useful for repeat length cuts … “

Read the full review at: http://www.toolbusiness.co.uk/index.php/draper-expert/