Draper Expert Spanner Set (23017) Awarded ‘Best Buy’ – Auto Express


The April 15th edition of Auto Express Magazine tested a range of Spanner Sets, awarding the 13 Piece Draper Expert Hi-Torq® Metric Coloured Combination Spanner Set with their “2015 BEST BUY” Accolade.

“IF you’re planning to carry out any kind of DIY maintenance on your car beyond topping up levels, swapping wheels and checking tyre pressures, you’re going to need some spanners. Alongside sockets, they are at the heart of a workshop tool kit, and most will last a lifetime of working on cars. The best place to start is with a set of metric open end and ring combination spanners, which will tackle most jobs on modern cars. There’s a wide range available, but which is the one to help keep your repair bills down? We put 10 best sellers to the test to find those that turned heads.”


“REVISED criteria didn’t faze this quality set from Draper. In fact, it had a clearer edge than when it won in Issue 1,268, as it aced all our size tests and topped the torque assessment. We quite like the multi-coloured approach to identifying spanner sizes, but there are also marks on both sizes and ends. Plus, they’re good to use with one of the best shaft designs here.


A SECOND win on the trot for the tough, multi-coloured Draper 23017, which scored well in all tests.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Auto Express Magazine, 15th April, 2015

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