Inspection Light 80962 Awarded “Best Buy”.

80962 Inspection Lamp awarded Workshop Best Buy
The July 2017 issue of Workshop Magazine performed a product test on a range of Inspection Lights, the Draper Inspection Lamp with Rechargeable 4W COB LED and UV LED (stock number 80962) received a rating of 5/5 along with the Workshop Magazine “Best Buy” Award.

“The nature of cars means a lot of dark and dingy corners. What might have looked on a design engineer’s CAD software as an excellent way to package something soon turns into a nightmare for those having to repeatedly take it apart and put it back together. Whether it’s under the bonnet, buried in a footwell or simply underneath the car itself, there are a lot of dark areas of a car where it’s difficult to get your eyes on without your own shadow getting in the way and making it worse. A good inspection light is a must then. The right light can make the difference between a frustrating job and a simple one merely by letting you see what you’re doing. We’ve looked at a selection of cordless units to shine a light on which is the best.”
-Andrew Evans, Workshop Magazine

How The Lights Were Tested

The inspection lamps were tested on their size and features such as angled heads, magnets, hooks, and the fixing of the light (avoiding the need for an extra pair of hands). Along with the light brightness and output at typical working distances.

Draper Inspection Lamp with Rechargeable 4W COB LED and UV LED

Rating: ★★★★★
“This light has a very broad spread of talents that mark it out as our favourite here. The main light unit itself is the third brightest and uses quite a nice, warm colour temperature. A second mode gives a tightly focused torch beam – useful if you only have enough space to point the end in. The third function is an ultraviolet torch, which makes the Draper rather versatile – the UV will make leaks in cooling systems obvious as the refrigerants fluoresce. A couple of hooks allow the light to hang either way up too, and magnets on the base and rear mean that you can probably fix this light anywhere you want.”
-Andrew Evans, Workshop Magazine

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