Draper Redline 150mm Soft Grip Adjustable Wrench Awarded ‘Best Buy’ – Workshop Magazine


The November 2016 Issue of Workshop Magazine performed a product test on a range of adjustable wrenches, awarding the Draper Redline 150mm Soft Grip Adjustable Wrench (stock no. 67589) “Best Buy” along with a rating of 5/5.

"Although any good mechanic will have a decent set of spanners, every now and then you’ll be stymied by a strange bolt that you won’t have the right size tool for. Whether it’s an unusual size, a random imperial measurement or just something heavily rounded, there’s going to be one oddball fixing on any vehicle.

When the inevitable happens you’re going to want a good adjustable wrench. These all-purpose tools are great for any situation where you don’t have the right things to fit and also where you don’t want to damage the fastener by clamping on pliers. You can also fix them to one side of a bolt while using your spanners or sockets to spin the nut."

Draper Redline 150mm Soft Grip Adjustable Wrench

Stock Number: 67589

Despite being broadly similar to the other Draper item here, the Redline wrench is by far our favourite. The scale is clear and easy to read, accurate and the jaws adjust as quickly as any other item here. It’s second to the Kennedy item in the slip test – and of course overall jaw dimensions, but otherwise it’s a brilliant little piece of kit.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Workshop Magazine – November 2016.