Draper Tools Chosen as Official Tooling Partner to Caterham Motorsport

Draper Tools Chosen as Official Tooling Partner to Caterham Motorsport

Here at Draper Tools, we are delighted to have been chosen as Official Tooling Partner to Caterham Motorsport. The exciting partnership means that every Caterham Motorsport mechanic now has a bespoke Draper Tools cabinet filled with an extensive collection of our automotive tools.

Commenting on the partnership, Caterham’s Motorsport Manager, Jennifer Mouratsing said: “Draper Tools has provided high quality and very reliable tooling equipment to Caterham Motorsport for the last couple of years and we are delighted to be working alongside them this season as our official tooling partner.”Draper Tools Chosen as Tooling Partner to Caterham Motorsport

In addition to the motorsport partnership, Caterham’s new state of the art Crawley workshop features brand new equipment from Draper Tools too. A wide range of automotive and specialist mechanics tools were supplied, along with a comprehensive collection of garage equipment. In total 60 automotive essentials featured in the fit-out, including the Draper Expert 2 Tonne Low Profile Trolley Jacks, 3 Tonne Axle Stands and the Draper Expert Heavy Duty Steel Workbench. There is also a brand new Draper Expert 2 Tonne Folding Engine Crane now on site to help Caterham’s expert mechanics carry out essential inspections and maintenance. Speaking about the investment made at Crawley, Caterham’s Head of Service Martin Whitlock said: “Our mechanics are really pleased with their bespoke Draper Tools cabinets and the quality of the garage equipment such as the jacks and cranes too. The team at Draper Tools have been great to work with and we really value the time and investment that went into the fit out at our Crawley workshop.”

The partnership between Draper Tools and Caterham Motorsport will also mean some fantastic competitions for fans of both brands. Right now there’s a Caterham Drift Day Experience up for grabs on our competitions page.

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