Draper Tools Donates Hydraulic Lift to KartForce

Draper Lift

Here at Draper Tools, we’re very happy to be supporting KartForce, a team of Serving and ex-Serving injured troops that race in karting events around the country and abroad.

We’re proud to announce that the KartFoce workshop now features a Draper Tools Hydraulic Lift and we’re delighted to see the lift being put to good use already!

Dave Player, the organisation’s founder has already had some fantastic feedback from the KartForce workshop, he commented: “We have a very happy mechanic and a happy mechanic can only do good work, so our lads can have better karts to go racing. We’re enormously grateful for the support and even more proud that Draper has such a fantastic family history.”

KartForce is a truly inspiring organisation, all drivers have all been wounded during their service but that hasn’t stopped them jumping back into the saddle and the adrenaline filled world of motorsport. To find out more about KartForce and how you could support them too visit: www.kartforce.org

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