Draper Tools Supports Eastleigh Southern Parishes Men’s Shed

Draper Tools Supports Eastleigh Southern Parishes Men’s Shed

We are delighted to be supporting local organisation, Eastleigh Southern Parishes Men’s Shed, part of the international Men’s Sheds Association.

Some of you may know about the Men’s Sheds organisation and the supportive, friendly environment it provides. Originating in Australia, it aims to address some of the issues facing older men such as a losing a sense of purpose with the loss of their work role, status, workmates and income. Today there are many ‘Mens’s Sheds’ around the UK, where members come together to work on practical tasks and projects.

This week we donated a range of tools including Draper chisels, spanner sets, saws and more to Eastleigh Southern Parishes Men’s Shed, to help members with their work.

Shed members undertake a wide range of practical tasks, including carpentry, joinery, carving and furniture renovation, even activities as varied as bike repair, gardening, vehicle repair, upholstery, boat renovation and model engineering. Reclamation, reuse and restoration are common themes in the work they do – something we always like to see here at Draper Tools.

Although Sheds mostly attract older men, some have included men of any age, women and young people. Whichever activities are pursued the essence of a Shed is not a building, which some don’t have, but the network of relationships between the members.

We’re very pleased to be working with our local Men’s Shed and look forward to seeing the members putting their new tools to good use in the local community. Find out more about them at: http://eastleighspmensshed.co.uk/

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