Draper’s Petrol Tools are E10 compatible

Reduce CO2 – Draper petrol tools are E10 compatible

Reduce CO2 – Draper petrol tools are E10 compatible

We’re pleased to confirm that our petrol tools are E10 fuel compatible. This means there’s no need to worry when you’re using Draper generators, water pumps, lawn mowers and many other products. You can use the new greener E10 fuel with complete confidence, it will work with Draper’s entire range of 45 petrol tools.

What is E10 Petrol?

E10 is a greener blend of petrol than the standard E5 fuel has been used for years in the UK. The new E10 petrol is now available across the UK, with Ireland to follow in 2022. It contains up to 10% renewable ethanol and produces less CO2. Government estimates suggest the switch to E10 could reduce emissions significantly – it’ll be the equivalent of taking 350,000 cars off the road.

Be aware that while all our tools our E10 compatible – not all cars currently are. If you’re not sure about your car’s compatibility, visit the official E10 online checker.

For more information about E10 fuel you can also check out the Government’s E10 Explained page.

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