Efficient deep cleaning with Draper Expert Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks


New to the Draper Expert range is a collection of easy to use, ultrasonic cleaning tanks in a variety of sizes. These ultrasonic cleaners are extremely effective at removing dirt and grime on watch parts, jewellery (not gemstones), coins, PCB boards and electrical components, engine-vehicle and mechanical parts and much more.

The versatility of ultrasonic cleaning makes it a suitable for a wide range of industries and applications from automotive workshops to manufacturing, maintenance and servicing. DRAPER EXPERT 27L ULTRASONIC CLEANING TANK STOCK NO: 60987 The Draper Expert range of ultrasonic cleaners use the latest technology for delivering high frequency vibrations in fluid, which enacts a process called non-inertial cavitation. This process creates microscopic bubbles in fluids that subsequently become compressed due to the higher pressure of the surrounding fluid leading to the microscopic bubbles imploding. This implosive action generates intense localised heat and agitation delivering a highly effective scrubbing action on the surface of the items being cleaned.

Ultrasonic cleaning is widely regarded as one of the best deep clean solutions for a range of industries and is suitable for thoroughly cleaning both delicate items and heavy-duty parts and components. The new Draper Expert collection offers a range of four sizes to suit different applications, from the compact 600ml cleaning tank, right through to 3 Litre, 9 Litre and 27 Litre cleaning tanks.

The benefits of ultrasonic cleaning are numerous, it offers an environmentally friendly alternative to using harmful cleaning solvents and delivers energy efficiency too. In the workplace ultrasonic cleaning also saves employees time and effort too, making quick and light work of cleaning tasks that would traditionally require a lot of scrubbing by hand.

The new Draper Expert tanks are manufactured from stainless steel, fitted with a drain tap and supplied with a stainless steel basket and BS approved 3pin plug and cable. They are suitable for use with water or non-volatile cleaning agents.

Before you use an ultrasonic cleaner, always check your item is suitable for ultrasonic cleaning. See the full range here.

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