National Tyre Safety Month is here

Draper Expert Digital Tyre Tread Depth Gauge with Stainless Steel Body Stock No: 39591

Did you know October is National Tyre Safety Month? As we head towards the colder months it’s time to check your tyres and to make sure they’re safe and legal.

Once winter weather arrives it’s advisable to check your tyres every couple of weeks as tyre pressure can fall in cold outdoor temperatures. Remember at least 3mm tread depth on your tyres is recommended for winter motoring and sometimes more if you’re driving abroad.

Here’s a look at a few of our tyre safety essentials.

Draper 3 piece Tyre Service KitFirst up is the brand new Draper Tools 3 Piece Tyre Service Kit (stock no: 51550). This handy kit comprises a Tyre Tread Depth Gauge, a Tyre Pressure Gauge and a Tyre Valve Repair Tool. It’s ideal to keep in the car throughout the year and especially important for when it gets colder as tyre pressure can fall quite quickly in cold outdoor temperatures.




Draper 3 piece Tyre Service KitCheck out the hand-held dual reading Tyre Pressure Gauge from Draper Tools (stock no: 69923). It’s handy size is perfect to keep in the car. For ease of use it features a straight push-on valve chuck making getting a reading quick and simple.




Draper 3 piece Tyre Service KitFor a digital alternative take a look at the Draper Tools Digital Tyre Pressure Reader (stock no: 01071). It’s fitted with an LCD display capable of displaying PSI, BAR, KPA between the ranges 2-100psi (±1%), 0.15-7.00bar and 15-700KPA. It also comes supplied with the two x 3V AG13 batteries needed to power it.




Draper 3 piece Tyre Service KitShould your tyres need some inflation, the high performance Double Cylinder Foot Pump with Pressure Gauge (stock no: 25996) will get the job done quickly. For maximum durability the pump features a robust all-metal design with 4mm thick steel base. It comes supplied with 600mm delivery hose with ‘Lock On’ connector for tyres and three accessory nozzles. A must have for the car, especially before you set off on long journeys. For fans of our D20 Power Tool range – where one battery system powers every tool in the range – there is also the D20 Air Inflator to check out.

The Draper 12V Cordless Air Compressor is another brilliant tool for keeping tyres in tip top condition. It features a digital display, which provides psi, kPa and BAR settings, allowing you to fix your desired air pressure. Once this pressure is reached the compressor automatically stops, giving you complete peace of mind that your tyre pressure is correct.


Draper 3 piece Tyre Service KitFor the ultimate tyre safety essential, have you seen the award-winning Draper Expert Digital Tyre Tread Depth Gauge with Stainless Steel Body (stock no: 39591)? This digital gauge offers both metric and imperial calibration with conversion between the two. The zero setting control allows for comparative measurement. And a clear LCD display makes for easy reading. It comes supplied with a SR44 Battery too. It’s ideal for both the automotive workshop and keeping in the car.



So is it time you checked your tyres? Head on over to for tips and advice on tyre safety.

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