Expert 135cc Petrol Cultivator/Tiller – New from Draper Tools

Expert 135cc Petrol Cultivator/Tiller Stock No. 58972

New to the Draper Expert range of garden power tools this month is the 135cc Petrol Cultivator/Tiller, which helps prepare soil for growing plants, flowers and vegetables.

Featuring four robust blades, this new Cultivator and Tiller is effective in all soil types, breaking up the earth to allow air in, maximise water penetration and help control weeds.

As part of the Draper Expert range it’s suitable for use by landscaping professionals and gardening enthusiasts alike. It includes easy-to-use handlebar steering and a variable speed four stroke petrol motor. For complete peace of mind the device also comes with a ‘dead man’s safety handle’ which stops blades immediately if hand controls are released.

The new Draper Expert Petrol Cultivator/Tiller has a 400mm working width and a height adjustable skid allowing tilling depth changes up-to 280mm depth, making it a handy essential if you’ve got compacted, weedy or rocky soil to contend with.

As any gardener knows, fertile soil is key to successful growing, but to achieve this by hand can be a very strenuous task. So why not let the this brand new Draper Expert tool take the hassle out of creating good growing soil? For full details and stockist information click here.

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