Expert Inspection Lamp “Recommended Product” – Car Mechanics

43121 3W COB LED Inspection Lamp

Car Mechanics Magazine performed a Product Test on a range of Cordless Inspection Lamps giving the Draper Expert 3W COB LED Rechargeable Magnetic Inspection Lamp (Stock No.43121) their “Recommended Product” accolade along with a rating of 15/20.

“…Inspection lamps used to be a nightmare. They were often far too big and bulky to fit in the tight confines of wheelarches and other underbody areas… Today’s models couldn’t be more different. They’re smaller, lighter and the illumination they provide is arguably better than either traditional incandescent or fluorescent models. Prices have come down too…”

Performance : 9/14
Is It Worth The Money? : 6/6
Overall Score : 15/20

Emitting 250 lumens of ultra-intense light from a three-watt COB LED is impressive, but it also confirms our opinion of the Best Buy Ring RIL3100. Yes, the 43121 throws out awesome levels of light and uses a clever lens to spread that illumination over a wide area, but is such output really necessary for car work? Of course, it’s tempting to say the brighter the better, but that’s only true if the power doesn’t come at a cost – in this case, just two-and-a-half hours of work time from a five-hour charge. As with the Best Buy, positioning is a doddle thanks to a good selection of hooks, hinges and magnets.”

Car Mechanics Magazine – May 2015.