Garden News Award for Expert 680G Felling Axe

680G Felling Axe 09941The January 14th Edition of Garden News Magazine performed a product test on a range of hand axes, awarding the Draper Expert 680G Felling Axe with Fibreglass Shaft 09941 with a ‘Best Axe’ accolade.

Draper Tools Expert 690G Felling Axe with Fibreglass Shaft (09941) – Best Axe

This axe features a 9cm (3½in) deep and 14cm (5½in) long head, forged from hardened and tempered, fine grain carbon steel. The 33cm (13in) long fibreglass handle has a very comfortable, contoured rubber grip. This not only ensured the axe remained firm in the hand without slipping, but is an excellent shock absorber when hitting dense wood. The hand stop at the end of the handle provided further grip. Weighing in at 1.05kg (2lb 5ox) it was easy to swing, and well balanced.

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