Garden News Award Our Garden Dibber “Best Value”

Draper Garden Dibber 36981
The March 28th Edition of Gardening News Magazine performed a product test on a range of garden dibbers, awarding the ‘Draper Garden Dibber (36981)’ with their ‘Best Value’ accolade.

“… Geoff tests dibbers to find the three best for making planting holes for seedlings, young plants, bulbs and leeks …”

Draper Garden Dibber 36981 Best Value Dibber

The 12.5cm (5in)-Long, L-shaped, plastic pistol grip handle (with finger grips) of this dibber made it easy to insert into even heavy clay soil. The die-cast galvanised steel head is 21cm (8 ¼in)-long, so you can make quite deep planting holes (up to 21cm/8in) with minimum effort.

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