Garden News Awards our Expert Oscillating Sprinkler (36871) “Best Lawn Sprinkler”

garden news best oscillating sprinklerGeoff Hodge tested the best oscillating lawn sprinklers in the July 15 2017 issue of Garden News Magazine. The Draper Expert Oscillating Sprinkler (stock number 36871) was awarded “Best Lawn Sprinkler” with the review highlighting its durability and water distribution.

A very durable, quality sprinkler, thanks to its strong coated aluminium sled. It has 18 jets with brass nozzles, producing even water distribution, an adjustable water flow switch and easy oscillation position adjustment. Area of coverage depends on water pressure, but even with my poor water pressure covered around 250sqm (300sq yd).
-Geoff Hodge, Garden News July 2017

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