Get ready for Autumn with the new 2500W 230V Garden Vacuum/Blower & Mulcher

Draper 2500W 230V Garden Vacuum/Blower/Mulcher Stock No. 54477

Earlier this week it was Autumn Equinox, marking the start of the autumn season. If there’s one thing we all associate with autumn it’s fallen leaves. While their golden colours can look appealing, fallen leaves can soon take over you garden if you’re not careful.

Just in time for autumn, Draper Tools has introduced the brand new 2500W 230V Garden Vacuum/Blower & Mulcher (stock no: 54477). As the name suggests this brilliant bit of kit for the garden performs three handy jobs, blowing and vacuuming leaves and debris but also mulching them too.

It features a powerful 2500W motor and variable air flow setting up to 270Km/h to help keep your lawn free of leaves. There’s also a convenient ‘Vacuum to Blow’ control lever, an adjustable front support handle and a vacuum and blower tube with a support wheel for easy manoeuvrability.

If you’ve got lots of leaves to deal with, don’t panic, this new Garden Vacuum, Blower and Mulcher comes with a handy 45L collection bag. Plus there’s a comfortable shoulder strap too.

Ensure that autumn doesn’t take over your garden with the brand new Draper Tools 2500W 230V Garden Vacuum/Blower & Mulcher.

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