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Draper Tools are delighted to be supporting the growing together project with some of their gardening tools. ‘Growing Together’ is a fantastic project formed in April 2016 at Dovebank primary school in Nailstone. The aim of the scheme is to show the children where fruit and vegetables come from as well as how to grow them from seed to crop, to teach the children how to maintain their crops by using the correct feeds and fertilizers and how to water them using both watering can and irrigation systems. Once their crop has grown they intend to harvest the crop correctly and hopefully turn it into healthy jams, soups, pickles etc. The children will also be learning how to put the correct nutrients back into the soil for their next crop, learning about composting and how to catch rain water.

“We at growing together will be creating a flower nursery where the children will learn how to grow flowers into plugs for both bedding, hanging baskets, and potting plants. The children will also be shown how to maintain a garden to a high standard. Growing togethers very first items planted were four apple trees and two pear trees of all different varieties that were kindly donated by Keepers Nursery. There were eight blackcurrant bushes planted to start our soft fruit patch area. The next step of the grow scheme were chippings placed around the school in the soft fruit area, forest schools and class 1’s play area. 7 tonne of chipping were kindly donated by Johnson tree surgeons they have made a huge difference to the school grounds and the children have enjoyed the improved areas.


Once we had the trees in place we were able to ascertain the size of our grow area we needed to fence off our area to make it all safe. The fence area will also be used to advertise all our sponsors. We were kindly helped out with this part of the project by Lawmac Fencing who gave us the fencing materials at a huge discount.
starting the fencegetting therefence complete

Feel Good UK donated our beautiful 6×3 mtr poly tunnel so the children can grow all year round, so far the children have planted well in the region of 50 lettuce, tomatoes and pepper plants.
building the polytunnelPolytunnel Completebeds in the polytunnel

The building materials came from Build Base in Huggelscote, Adam and his team kindly donated stone, sand, sleepers, cement, ground membrane, and roofing felt for our sheds. We built 2 large beds inside the polytunnel and 8 beds outside, we had the mammoth task filling them with soil. Dave at Ambion contractors kindly helped us out with a massive 40 ton of top soil. We are now conditioning the soil with sand and manure ready for the children to grow there winter vegetables in.

outdoor bedsPolytunnel Bedfull bed

Draper Tools were also very generous with there donation. We had hand tools, rakes, shovels, forks, childrens forks, spades, garden rakes, and hoes. The children have had great fun using the tools on the garden.”


We are happy to be able to help with this fantastic project and wish the team the best of luck with their winter vegetables.

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