Kitchen Garden Magazine Chooses the Draper Stainless Steel Lawn Edger with Fsc Certified Ash Handle – Stock No. 44979


The April 2014 issue of Kitchen Garden magazine performed a product review test on a range of bed edging tools and awarded ‘Joyce’s no.1 choice’ with an overall 5 star rating to the Draper Stainless Steel Lawn Edger with FSC Certified Ash Handle, Stock No.44979.

“I really like this tool. It looks great, has a good length handle and cuts a neat edge without any fuss or bother. The slightly pointed blade is easy to locate each time you move along an edge and it’s pretty easy to eyeball a straight line and cut to it. The ferrule – where the wooden handle fits the head – is strong and the handle is slim and comfortable. The blade is easy to wipe clean and to restore the shine.”

Joyce Russell – Kitchen Garden”

Kitchen Garden’s Verdict…

“A well-made tool that is a pleasure to use. Makes it easy to cut a neat line.”

• PERFORMANCE – 5 stars
• EASE OF USE – 5 Stars
• VALUE – 4 Stars
OVERALL – 5 Stars

Kitchen Garden, April 2014

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