Land Rover Monthly Magazine award PRO CHOICE to Draper 1/2″ Square Drive ‘Push Through’ Torque Wrench, Stock No.83317

Land Rover Monthly - Draper 1/2" Square Drive 'Push Through' Torque Wrench 50-225Nm, Stock No.83317

Land Rover Monthly recently conducted tests across a range of 1/2″ square drive torque wrenches and awarded our 1/2″ Square Drive ‘Push Through’ Torque Wrench 50-225Nm  the coveted PRO CHOICE award.

Draper 1/2″ Square Drive ‘Push Through’ Torque Wrench 50-225Nm

Stock Number: 83317

“Draper’s simple-looking wrench hides its solid abilities. The slimline proportions aided by the ratchet head design allow the head to function in close proximity to other components in situ. In use, the simple but satisfying click function is also visible, making accurate torquing easier to judge. To set and lock the torque setting, simply fold out the rotation bar, rotate the handle to set the torque and fold it back in again. The setting remains locked for peace of mind. Each wrench comes with its own calibration certificate.”

“Draper’s football rattle design has much to commend. In use, it was the only wrench head able to reach manifold nuts in situ without an extension bar. Its slimline credentials are bolstered by the easiest analogue scales to read on test, and there’s three of those. Setting the torque value is simple and quick without fear of the handle slipping under load.”

Land Rover Monthly, April 2018.