Mark Smith at Warpspeed – Hockenheim

Warpspeed Racing at Hockenheim

“Well what a weekend Warpspeed racing team had at Hockenheim. We damaged the engine in the pro stock bike in the first session so swapped it for another, only to damage the new motor on the next pass when the gearbox failed. It was a late night and an early morning to take the gearbox from our 1st damaged engine to our new engine. We got in to the field only to be knocked out in the 1st round by the fastest man in Europe, that’s life I suppose, but what a great weekend.

Dale Leeks then ran the 6 second pass we had been trying to run for several season’s and what a great pass it was. Plenty left on the table in that set up, so more to come from that bike.

Stuart Crane managed to run several 6 second passes in a row to move up the ladder in the elimination’s and found himself in the top fuel bike final with Rikard Gustafsson (A truly great guy). Stuart ran personal best figures of 6.92 @ 192mph with also plenty more to come from that set up. The new chassis set up that we manufactured is really showing it’s true potential now as we can get the power down.

Can’t speak highly enough about everybody in the team that does what they do to make it all happen so we as a family do what we all love to do. Many thanks to Draper Tools, MPM Oil’s for their continued support, Roger Upperton ,TW METALS and everybody in the team (you all know who you are) …
2 weeks’ time we will be attending the European Final’s at Santa Pod Raceway 7th – 10th September, so hopefully we can try to up the race times a little more .“

Mark Smith,
Warpspeed Report, August 2017


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