Millennials and motor repairs: The results are in


We found the results of a recent study by TV Show Flipping Bangers really interesting. According to their research, the millennial generation are lacking in knowledge when it comes to basic car repairs.

Generational skills gap

The survey found that almost three quarters of millennials wouldn’t know how to go about changing a tyre. What’s interesting is a few years back, we looked into the nation’s handy skills and found that the average person doesn’t start to get the hang of home improvements and repairs, like changing a tyre, until the age of 29. So, it seems competence levels in the younger generation haven’t changed much since our study in 2015.

The Flipping Bangers research also found that among the other automotive basics young people struggled with were checking the oil, opening the car bonnet and replacing a windscreen wiper. So, it’s not surprising that 63% of the millennial generation said they had never even attempted to fix a car.

It’s not all bad for young people though, when compared to the older generation, millennials were much more likely to be able to connect their phone to a car’s Bluetooth system.

Getting to grips with the basics

We agree with one of the show’s hosts Gus Gregory when he said “We think it’s a good idea for everyone, no matter what age, to learn the basic principles of car maintenance.”

The existence of the how-to guides and helpful YouTube videos online means it’s easier than ever before to pick up a bit of basic, practical knowledge. Millennials and Generation Z know this better than most and indeed our 2015 study found that the internet was by far the top place people in the UK will most likely turn to for repairs or home-improvement advice.

If it’s so easy to learn, why is automotive knowledge at such a low? Perhaps it’s just tempting to put off learning the basics until you need them. But in our experience tyre issues, breakdowns and other car complications rarely come at a convenient time – it’s best to be prepared in advance with some simple insights into how your vehicle works.

Whatever your age, we’d urge you to have a think about how much you know about your car and what you’d do in an emergency or breakdown situation. Look to your car’s handbook, online or a knowledgeable friend or family member for a few pointers on vehicle maintenance.

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