Motorcycle News Reviews the Draper Expert 4 Drawer Tool Chest – Stock No. 03081


Motorcycle News reviewed the Draper Expert 4 Drawer Tool Chest, Stock No.03081, in their June newsletter, after six months of use.

What’s good?
There’s lots of nice attention to detail on this four drawer, lockable steel toolbox, which travels around the country with me at race weekends.
Sturdy, soft-gripped handles make lifting easy, the lid opens via hydraulic rams, so the action is satisfyingly smooth and the large foam-lined drawers slide in and out nicely on ball bearing runners.
It’s built ruggedly, and the top section is split into handy compartments, deep enough for large sockets.
It still looks like new after six months of being lugged around.

What’s not?
It’s heavy to start with, so once it’s full of tools it weighs a ton.
It’s not cheap, either, but you do get what you pay for.

Quality rating
5/5 Stars

Value rating
4/5 Stars

Tester: Michael Neeves, Motorcycle News, June 2014

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