New Draper Expert Generation 2 Wheel Bearing Kit


When it comes to correct removal and installation of Generation 2 wheel bearings, dedicated tools for the task are a must. The unique design of “GEN2” wheel bearings, which contain built-in sensor rings used by ABS, traction control and vehicle stability systems are being used in increasingly more Audi, Ford, Land Rover, Mazda, Seat, Skoda, VW and Volvo models. This means that installation requires careful precision.

If Generation 2 wheel bearings are pressed into place as a conventional bearing, the force applied causes stress through the bearing, damage to the sensors rings and rapid deterioration. To help avoid commercially damaging high failure rates Draper Tools has developed a specialist Generation 2 installation kit.

The Generation 2 Kit is designed to correctly distribute the pressing forces through the outer bearing ring alleviating the potential for bearing and sensor failure, whilst ensuring the special retaining clip ring is correctly located. All this while allowing the suspension leg to remain in-situ, saving valuable workshop time and space. Included in the kit is a full selection of specialist adaptor plates, connection rods and high strength thrust bearing pullers, enabling a wide range of GEN2 bearings to be safely and efficiently removed or replaced.

This new Draper Expert Generation 2 Bearing Kit is an essential for the professional workshop, helping to make light work of safely removing or installing GEN2 bearings.

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