Now’s the time to get Gardening

Draper Expert Folding Metal Framed Gardening Seat or Kneeler Stock No: 64970

This week is National Gardening Week, it’s the country’s biggest celebration of gardening organised by the RHS. There’s lots going on including events around the country and National Open Gardens Day on the 17th April, find out more by visiting

With the warmer weather we’ve been having recently, it feels like there’s never been better time to get out in the garden. Whether you’ll be dusting off the barbeque or just enjoying the lighter evenings – the garden is such a great place to be. Here at Draper Tools we’ve got a fantastic range of tools and some top tips to help you get your garden ready for the warmer months to come.

Perfect Pruning:Draper Tools Heritage Range 210mm Bypass Secateurs with FSC Off-Set Ash Handles Stock No: 36555

Bypass Secateurs like the Heritage Range 210mm Bypass Secateurs with FSC Off-Set Ash Handles are ideal for pruning at awkward angles and in tight spaces. They are fitted with polished ferrules and non-stick blades, hardened, tempered and finely ground for smoother, easier cutting. As part of the Draper Tools Heritage range these secateurs are perfectly suited for professional gardeners and keen enthusiasts.

Tip: Knowing when and what to prune is just as important as choosing the right tools for the job. Do your research and find out when to start pruning the type of plants you have for best results.Draper Tools 2500W 230V Quiet Garden Shredder Stock No: 23321

Shred your garden waste:
If you’ve done a lot of pruning or have a lot of garden waste, a shredder is a great tool for the garden and can save you a trip to the tip or recycling centre. The Draper Tools 2500W 230V Quiet Garden Shredder is suitable for shredding a range of garden waste and foliage with a maximum twig thickness allowance of 40mm. With its low noise operation you won’t disturb your neighbours too much either.

Tip: Don’t put off your shredding, if you’ve got garden waste to dispose of it’s always best to do it as soon as possible after pruning because any twigs are likely to be softer.

Love your Lawn:
Nothing looks neater than a nicely mowed lawn and here at Draper Tools we’ve got a great range of lawn mowers to suit every garden. For a Draper Expert 190cc 5.5HP 560mm Self-Propelled Petrol Mower with Readystart® Engine Stock No: 50972 truly high performance mower there’s the Draper Expert 5.5HP 560mm Self-Propelled Petrol Mower with Readystart® Engine. It cuts, collects and even mulches so you can re-use your grass clippings elsewhere in the garden. And, with its Readystart® engine technology there’s no need to manually prime the engine before starting it.

Tip: Vary your mowing pattern and direction each time you mow – this encourages the grass to grow upright and means you won’t end up with ruts in your soil either.

Take a Break:
This handy Draper Tools Gardeners Tool Cart and Seat lets you transport your tools around the garden so they’re always close to hand and Draper Tools Gardeners Tool Cart and Seat Stock No: 60852 when you need a break it also doubles up as a seat. It comes complete with two handles and removable compartment tray.

Tip: You can easily spend hours in the garden once you get going, don’t forget to take a break now and again to enjoy your outside space and some refreshment to keep you hydrated.


Get the kids Gardening:
At Draper Tools we firmly believe that gardening can be a rewarding past time for people of all ages, so much so that we have even introduced Draper Tools Young Gardener Toolsa whole range of tools specially designed for young gardeners. These are not toy versions of grown-up gardening equipment, they are all real tools for real gardening jobs. The Draper Tools Young Gardener range includes spades, forks, trowels, hoes and gardening gloves too.

Tip: There are so many brilliant health benefits associated with gardening, it’s a great idea to get your little ones into gardening at a young age – it might even inspire a lifelong passion. Growing your own food such as potatoes, carrots or strawberries is a fantastic way to introduce children to gardening and will get them eating fruit and vegetables too!

There are many more tools, equipment and essentials available from Draper Tools to help you turn your gardening ambitions into reality – browse the complete range here.

Whatever you’re up to this week we hope you enjoy National Gardening Week.

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