Out Now: The First Draper Tools Workshop Booklet of 2015

Draper Tools Workshop Booklet 1 2015

If you work in the automotive sector you won’t want to miss the very first edition of our 2015 series of Workshop Booklets. This 96 page promotion booklet is packed full of high quality tools and equipment for the automotive workshop and associated garage trades, all at great prices.

Draper Tools Timing Kit for BMW Vehicles (Full Service Kit) Stock No: 32733
A highlight of the first Draper Tools Workshop Booklet is the extensive range of Engine Timing & Locking Tools. Featuring British made, Draper Expert quality tools, the new range includes tool kits for a wide variety of both petrol and diesel vehicles. In fact, it’s currently one of the most up-to-date timing kit ranges available on the market today and is constantly expanding, with over 1,800 engines covered! What’s more, there’s an easy web search tool available on our website at https://www.drapertools.com/timingtools to make finding the right kit quick and simple.


Draper Expert Diagnostic and Electronic Service Tool Stock No: 51292
You’ll also find a selection of new Diagnostic Fault Code Readers in the promotion. A must have for any workshop, they can be used for the interrogation of engine management systems as well as the cancelation and display of diagnostic trouble codes in both petrol and diesel vehicles. The Draper Expert Diagnostic Fault Code Reader 300 and the Draper Expert Diagnostic and Electronic Service Tool are even suitable for use with hybrid vehicles.


Draper Expert Green 3W COB LED Rechargeable Magnetic Inspection Lamp Stock No: 43246 Not to be missed in this latest workshop booklet is the impressive new collection of Expert Quality, 3W COB (Chip On Board) Rechargeable Magnetic Inspection Lamps, available in four different colours. The COB LED lights featured in these new lamps is at the cutting-edge of lighting technology, delivering super bright light and maximum efficiency. Unlike traditional LED lighting COB uses a single light source, which provides only a single shadow. These versatile lamps are even fitted with an additional 7 LEDs on the end plate transforming the lamp into a torch when needed. Powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery the lamps provide an impressive 250 Lumens and enhanced battery life. Plus, each lamp comes with two convenient hang hooks, a 240V charger and a 12V charging adaptor.

There are so many more essentials for garage, workshop and automotive technicians to discover in the first edition of the 2015 Workshop booklet. If your tool kit could use some updating why not take a look at the promotion now for some fantastic deals on essential automotive equipment. You’ll also find exciting details of how you could win a pair of Caterham Experience tickets too!


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