Poor weather essentials



Storms, snow, wind and wet weather – lately it seems like we’ve been hit by every possible sort of bad weather. Sadly, poor weather conditions often cause damage to work sites, property and public spaces. While we hope this doesn’t happened to you, it never hurts to be prepared for the worst, so here is our round up of poor weather essentials to help you should the weather strike again.


For cases of flooding it’s worth investing a submersible pump, these are pumps you can place directly into water in order to drain it. They can be very effective at getting rid of excess water, whether that’s from the home, garden or an inspection pit or ditch. Here at Draper Tools, we offer a wide range of submersible pumps suited for different environments – take a look at the range here.

Fallen Trees

Recent storms have unfortunately seen trees coming down in many parts of the country. Clearing fallen trees can be a tough job, they will often need to be broken down into a more manageable size to be moved and transported. If you’re qualified to operate a chainsaw, take a look at the Draper Tools range of chainsaws and chainsaw safety equipment to help make clearing trees an easier task. There are also log stands and log splitters available.

Power Cut Preparation

Storms can also mean power cuts for some us. It’s a good idea to plan ahead for this with a few essentials kept in a safe place. One of the most important items should be a torch. Here at Draper Tools we have a wide range of torches to help you out in an emergency. The Draper Expert CREE 1W LED Waterproof Torch is great torch to keep handy, it delivers a 60 lumen strong white 50M beam of light. Its robust ABS plastic, IP66 case provides waterproof and shock-proofing capabilities too, making it an incredibly durable torch for any situation.

Snowed In

Keeping a few essentials in the car could make a big difference if snow does descend. The Draper Tools Folding Steel Shovel is ideal for the boot of the car. Made with a carbon steel serrated blade and a tubular steel handle, it’s powder coated to prevent corrosion and folds away into a handy compact pouch.

Also handy for snow clearance is the Draper Tools Snow Shovel Head, which can be used with a 28mm broom handle to clear snow, wood chippings and other lightweight material.

Frosty mornings

Overnight frost is common at this time of year. Remember never to pour hot or boiling liquid onto your vehicle’s windscreen, this could cause the glass to crack. And, only ever use an ice scraper to remove ice – using something else could leave you with a scratched windscreen. Check out the Draper Tools range of ice and window scrapers here.

Take a look at our website https://www.drapertools.com for more tools and essentials for winter.

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