Practical Boat Owner Award The Draper Expert 5W CREE LED Lamp (51754)


The October 2015 Issue of Practical Boat Owner Magazine performed a product test on a range of handheld torches awarding the Expert 5W CREE LED Waterproof Torch (51754) ‘Best On Test’.

“Handheld searchlights have a special place and role in the cockpit during night sailing. Traditionally, their key function is to alert another vessel to one’s presence, either by shining it onto a ship’s bridge (pretty desperate, but so is being run down!) or, in a more friendly manner, shining it on one’s own sails to make it clear what and where you are.”

The only fully waterproof lamp from the Draper range has a single CREE LED. The waterproof and shockproof ABS
casing has an IP66 rating so it is protected against dust and high-pressure water jets. The LED is powered by three AA batteries: range or duration time is not specified. With a fixed pistol grip and trigger switch, a second press puts the LEDs on a lower power, and a further press is required to switch the light off. The switch can be locked in the on or off modes. A stand enables the light to be set at varying angles from horizontal to vertical. A wrist strap from the pistol grip and a detachable shoulder carry strap are provided.

ON TEST: The most popular lamp with testers, who liked its light weight, robustness, waterproofness, lockable switch and wrist lanyard. Commendable beam range and battery duration.

Practical Boat Owner – October 2015.