Theft from vans is increasing – what can you do to keep your tools safe?



We’re often saddened to hear about how frequently tradespeople’s vans are broken into and tools stolen. We hear about it in comments from our Facebook and Twitter followers and recently official figures have confirmed that theft of tools from vans is on the increase. Recent figures suggest there has been a 65% increase in the theft of tools from vans in the last three years. And in a BBC 5 Live investigation it was revealed that a van is broken into every 24 minutes. While we knew theft was a problem for many of our trade customers, the shocking figures announced by the BBC really highlighted the severity of the situation.

We take security very seriously and in addition to our range of tools for the trade, we also have a large security range, designed to help keep possessions and premises safe. We thought we’d take this opportunity to highlight a few of our best solutions to protect your property as well as sharing some best practice guidance.

Lock it up

All Draper Tools Padlocks are rated from 1-10 for their level of security, with level one acting as a deterrent where the item or site is supervised. At the top end of the scale these locks can be used for sites which are unsupervised or where insurance companies set strict requirements. To protect your tools from determined thieves we recommend choosing a Draper padlock from the higher end of the scale, such as the Draper Expert range of Heavy Duty Solid Steel Padlocks.

Take precautions

Often theft is opportunistic, remove temptation by leaving your glove compartment empty and open, and obviously ensuring there are no valuables in on show elsewhere in the vehicle. Breaking into a van is risky for a criminal, they’ll want to be as sure as possible that there will be some reward, so make sure your van doesn’t appear to offer even a small one. It’s also advisable to be cautious when loading and locking up your van for the night –  consider who might be watching and if there’s CCTV in the area.

Secure storage

Draper Tools offers a range of Contractors Secure Storage Boxes, available in various sizes. Made from heavy-duty 1.5mm sheet steel that’s been sprayed with a protective powder coated finish, they’re ideal for use on building sites, in vans and workshops or garages. Each of the storage boxes is attached with gas struts and fitted with an integrated single pin hinge. For added security, they are each fitted with a tamperproof locking system.

Kitting out the van

When it comes to kitting out your van for extra security an immobiliser or alarm is a worthwhile investment. There are even GPS trackers available for vans which could prove invaluable if your vehicle was to be stolen. A steering wheel lock is another potential deterrent to consider that won’t break the bank. Added security features such as these can even sometimes have a positive impact on your vehicle insurance costs too.

Prepared and protected

For site and premises security, Draper Tools also offers a range of chains, cables and hasps to help keep intruders out. For added security on the job, Draper Tools has safes, key lockers and motor cycle disc locks too.

While it’s certainly disturbing to know that instances of theft are on the increase, it’s better to be aware of this fact and be as prepared as possible for the worst. Taking small steps to deter theft and protect property could prove to be vital.

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