Say ‘Hands Off’ With A Security Range You Can Trust

54mm Weatherproof Laminated Steel Padlock and 2 Keys with Hardened Steel Shackle and Bumper

Did you know this week is Hands Off Week? A national security campaign from Avery UK, encouraging us all to protect our possessions at home and work. With more than one in ten businesses saying that important tools of the trade go missing, get mislaid, lost or stolen on a weekly or monthly basis – we think it’s time to say ‘Hands Off!’. Visit to find out more.

Here at Draper Tools, we offer a comprehensive range of security essentials that you can really trust to help deter theft and criminal activity. To mark Hands Off Week, here’s a look at how we could help you stay secure.

To help you protect your possessions and premises Draper Tools has an extensive collection of high-quality padlocks for indoor and outdoor use. For anyone with high security needs the durable Draper Expert range of HD High Security Padlocks is a must, while those with outside areas to secure will find the Draper Tools range of Weatherproof Padlocks essential.

Locking valuables away is one of the best ways to keep them secure that’s why there are safes, key cabinets, cash boxes, chains, cables, hasps and locking equipment for bicycles and motorcycles available from Draper Tools too.

Adequate lighting is another essential for a safe and secure premises.  A well-lit area is far less tempting for thieves and if you’ve gone to trouble of installing CCTV cameras and warning signage, you need to make sure it can be seen at all times. You’ll find a great range of security lighting options available from Draper Tools, many featuring cutting-edge COB LED technology which delivers super bright light and maximum efficiency.

Whatever your security needs, Draper Tools can help you say ‘Hands Off!’. For more information and stockist details for the security range available from Draper Tools, click here.

For more security tips, advice and helpful products details visit the Avery UK Hands Off Week website – there’s lots going on including a chance to win prizes from the Avery lost property box!


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