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Low Entry Trolley Jacks - 4 colours


We’ve just launched our new Garage Equipment Booklet to tempt you with everything you could possibly need to kit out your garage or workshop. Take a look at these eye-catching trolley jacks just to whet your appetite.

If you are planning on working on your lowered vehicle soon, you will need one of these low entry jacks. They are manufactured with steel castors and an integrated large rubber saddle which provides added protection for the vehicle when in use. The twin pistons deliver a faster, easier lift and the EVA foam bumper prevents the handle from striking the bodywork of the car and damaging it.

We love that the chassis of the jack is fitted with an inbuilt magnetic parts tray so no longer will you have a problem losing small parts, brilliant if you are changing a wheel and have a tendency to lose the wheel nuts!

The stock numbers for these are 66864 (blue), 69671 (green), 70942 (orange), 69402 (white).


01798 Digital 3-D Four Wheel Aligner

Digital Four Wheel Aligner

Want something even more substantial? This Digital Four Wheel Aligner (01798) is an essential tool for the professional technician, with easy to use software including a comprehensive vehicle catalogue. 

When customers bring steering issues to you, it can be challenging for you, the technician, to see which components are damaged or misaligned. This provides the perfect solution; it measures the critical wheel alignment against the vehicle manufacturer’s data. When compared against traditional two wheel alignment (tracking) systems, our 3-D four wheel aligner achieves far superior results.

Garage Equipment Booklet

To see these and many more Garage Equipment tools, view the promotion here:

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Garage Equipment Booklet


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