The UK’s home improvement skills: how do you compare?

redlineHere at Draper Tools we’ve just launched Redline, a handy new range of tools suitable for a wide variety of tasks. To support our Redline launch, we’ve also conducted a study of the nation’s home improvement skills, over the next few weeks we’ll be revealing the results in full.

Home improvement hang-ups

The research revealed a national lack of confidence in many areas of home improvement, with one in five of us having tried and failed to construct flat-pack furniture and a quarter of people admitting they’d damaged walls trying to put a picture up.

Half of those surveyed said they would be unable to change a tyre on their car if called to do so.

Doing the decorating is a challenge for many people in the UK, with four in ten struggling with painting walls or applying wallpaper, while the thought of bleeding a radiator or removing it from the wall is a fearsome prospect and features high on the list of jobs people are stumped about.

As many as one in three people say their tactic if something breaks is to live with it as long as possible until it becomes unavoidable.

There is hope though; the study found the average person does start to get the hang of home improvements at the age of 29. This might be thanks to the internet, which was by far the place people in the UK will most likely turn to for home-improvement advice.

Fifty per cent of people said they turn to tutorial videos on the web in order to get by, while a fifth admit their dad is still the first person they call if they need something done.

Redline Tools to the Rescue

Designed to tackle a wide range of home repairs including car and bike maintenance, decorating, furniture assembly and much more, the RedLine launch has come at the right time with over a third of people saying that an affordable range of tools they liked would help them to have a go at home improvements. And there are plenty of repairs that need doing, with 16% of people admitting they currently have at least two unfinished home improvement projects around the house.

What the research has showed us is that despite there being some insecurities surrounding tackling these kinds of tasks, people do want to make their mark and have a go at home-improvements. A fresh coat of paint throughout the home, better storage and new flooring were found to be among the most desired improvements for homes today.

Our Advice

Taking time to identify the proper tools for the job, consulting those with more experience or even turning to online videos from trusted providers can have you well equipped for tackling jobs in the right way. That’s why alongside the launch of Redline we have also created a number of helpful how-to videos – which we will continue adding to. You can find these videos on the Draper Tools TV YouTube Channel.

How do you compare?

We’ll be revealing more results from our survey over the next few weeks, we’d love to know what you think. Does decorating feel daunting or are you more handy around the home than this? What about the age you got to grips with household repairs and improvements – our study found this was 29 years old, do you agree? Keep an eye on the Draper Tools Facebook and Twitter channels for the Redline research and let us know what you think with a comment.

To find out more about the new Draper Redline range click here. 

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