The Woodworker Magazine Reviews The Draper 300W 230V Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit


The latest issue of the Woodworker Magazine performed a variety of product tests, included in their tests was the Draper 300W 230V Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit (Stock No 23666), the review highlighted the kits Robust, efficient performance and good value, giving it an overall score of 8/10.

“A few years ago the multi-tool or multi-cutter was a rare machine with only one or two manufacturers making them. Now hardly a week goes by without another model being released onto the market. This is Draper’s offering, which is supplied with a storage case and several useful attachments. The concept of oscilliating tools has been around for some time. It was in 1968 that Fein, the German tool company, first made an oscillating saw specifically designed to remove plaster casts safely without any risk to the patient. They then developed the idea and it became the Multimaster multi-tool, capable of a wide range of cutting, sanding, grinding and polishing jobs. For years the Multimaster was the only tool of this type, but now, however, many other manufacturers are producing their own versions.”

The Draper is a pretty standard design It has a long body with rubber inserts on the handgrip, a sliding power switch and a variable speed control wheel at the rear. The accessories are held in place with an Allen bolt and a key for this is stored in a holder mounted on the power cable.

Supplied with the tool are two blades, one scraper blade, a triangular sanding plate and a dust extraction tube and vacuum adaptor. The accessories all conform to the OIS (Oscillating Interface System) so accessories from other manufacturers will fit it.

Changing accessories
The blades and sanding pads are fitted to the oscillating shaft with an Allen bolt and a washer. The washer has four slots cut in it, which must locate over the mounting pegs on the shaft to provide a firm grip. The problem is that the pegs are a little short and it can be a fiddly process to line up the slots once a blade or sanding pad is fitted.

In Use
The Draper is a satisfying tool to use. The dust extraction system is easy to fit and works well. Its sanding performance is excellent. Personally I prefer the oscillating motion to the orbital motion of a detail sander. Its cutting performance is also good. The variable speed is effcient and the machine is comfortable to hold and use.

Overall, this is a very good machine. Fixing the accessories may be a little fiddly but given the price and the performance of the Draper, it’s a minor complaint.


A competent tool at an attractive price, only marred by fiddly attachment fitting.

  • Robust, efficient performance
  • Good value
  • Annoying fitting system


The Woodworker Magazine – Autumn, 2015

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