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Meteorologists say spring time started on 1st March, while astronomers say it isn’t until a few weeks later on 20th March. We’re favouring the meteorologists because it feels like spring is in the air, Easter is not far away and we could all do with a little sunshine!

So now that we’ve established it’s spring time, why not turn your attention to some spring cleaning? If your cupboards could do with clearing or your carpets could use a clean, don’t despair, here at Draper Tools we’ve got a whole host of spring cleaning essentials to help make the task a little easier. Whether you’ll be spring cleaning your home, office or workshop – take a look at this helpful list of must-haves and top tips.

First up it’s a 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner ideal for the home, workshop, office and garage. The Draper Tools 20L 1100W 230V Wet and Dry Shampoo/Vacuum Cleaner Stock No: 27889Draper 20L 1100W 230V Wet and Dry Shampoo/Vacuum Cleaner features a variable suction switch and spray facility that helps make light work of valeting carpets, floors, upholstery and hard surfaces. Designed to pick up both wet and dry materials this vacuum cleaner has a 20L tank and 3L detergent capacity. Supplied with a range of attachments, you can clean almost everywhere, including your car with this handy cleaner.

Spring Cleaning Tip: Try some soda water first on stubborn stains.


Draper Tools 600mm Flat Dust Mop with Extendable Handle Stock No: 48934Dusty floors gathering dirt? Try the Draper Tools 600mm Flat Dust Mop with Extendable Handle, dust and dirt stick to the mop head making cleaning a much easier task. Designed for dry use this mop is perfect for laminate, wood or other solid floors. The handle extends from 0.85M to 1.5M for added convenience.

Spring Cleaning Tip: Dusty floors can be slippery! Mop or sweep regularly to avoid dust settling.


Draper Tools Car Boot Organiser - 600 x 350 x 300mm Stock No: 47650    Spring is often the time to have a clear out, why not take a look around you home, office or workshop and sort through what you really need and what’s just gathering dust? Get organised and try the Draper Tools 30 Draw 9 Bin Organiser to keep your workspace tidy. Fitted with a latching facility on the drawers and designed for durability this organiser is ideal for storing all your bits and pieces neatly. If your car’s looking a little disorganised too you could try this Draper Tools Car Boot Organiser to help restore some order.

Spring Cleaning Tip: Think about what you need access to on a daily basis and what you don’t. If you haven’t looked at something in more than a year maybe you should archive it, put it into storage or consider getting rid of it all together?

Draper Tools Glass and Microfibre Cloth Set Stock No: 47643Cleaning delicate surfaces like glass can be tricky but with the Draper Tools Glass and Microfibre Cloth Set you can easily remove grease, dust and finger marks from glass, mirrors, LCD and TFT monitors, camera equipment and many other delicate surfaces.

Spring Cleaning Tip: You only need a little warm water for mirrors and glass that aren’t too dirty. Don’t forget to pat dry to avoid any marks.


Outside is just as important as inside when it comes to a spring clean! Give high windows and tricky to reach outside areas a thorough Draper Tools Telescopic Washing Brush Stock No: 74190clean with the Draper Tools Flow Through Telescopic Washing Brush. This versatile brush is absolutely ideal for cleaning windows, paintwork, patios and conservatories. It features an easy-to-use snap-on hose connector, so you simply attach your hose and start cleaning. The brush extends to a whopping 1800mm, so it’s perfect for all those hard to reach jobs that usually get ignored!

Spring Cleaning Tip: Make sure your window cleaning tools are clean before you use them, otherwise you’ll just be spreading dirt.


Draper Tools 1500W 230V Pressure Washer with Total Stop Feature Stock No: 31562 Another outdoors spring cleaning essential is the Draper Tools 1500W 230V Pressure Washer with Total Stop Feature. It’s a compact, lightweight and mobile pressure washer that’s ideal for domestic duties. Perfect for a range of outdoor tasks including cleaning decking, patios, garden furniture, bicycles and cars. It features an automatic total stop system that activates and deactivates the motor, increasing the motor’s life while reducing electricity consumption. So now there’s no reason outside can’t be as clean as inside.


Spring Cleaning Tip: Keep controlled when pressure washing and spray in smooth, even movements for a neat and thoroughly clean finish.

We hope we’ve inspired you to get your spring cleaning started. For more information or stockist details please click the images above.

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