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Last night we had great fun co-hosting #TradesTalk, the weekly Twitter chat for the trades. Our theme was tips and life hacks for the trade. We wanted to discuss anything that made life on the job quicker and easier and we certainly got that. There were so many brilliant suggestions, some serious and very detailed, some were amusing and some were just great advice to live by. So, we thought we’d share a few of our favourite suggestions. Below are the top twenty tips, life hacks and general pearls of wisdom suggested to us during last night’s #TradesTalk (in no particular order).

And if you want to join in with #TradesTalk it’s every Tuesday evening 8-9pm.

The #TradesTalk Top 20 Tips, Life Hacks & Pearls of Wisdom:



  1. Using a strong magnet to check for corrosion build up in copper pipes, especially useful on open vented systems especially where the cold feed and open vent tee.



  1. One my dad showed me whilst putting up a shelf one day… If you need to drill a hole, stick a folded post it note underneath where you’re drilling to catch the dust

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  1. A great trick I found out only in the last few years, was using the head and tube out of a spray bottle, to empty water out of a vertical pipe, so you can solder it. And Mrs T is always chucking them out empty, so get loads. #Tradestalk


  1. One of my tricks of the trade, is give customers your time, spend time talking to them and be nice to them. If you find some common ground between you and the customer, it can break down the barriers of even the customers who can moan the most. #Tradestalk



  1. @TradesTalk When your washing your car or van use 2 buckets. Bucket 1 has shampoo. Use to wash the car then rinse in bucket 2 which is clean water. Then back in bucket 1 for the next lot of suds. Keeps the dirt out of your clean suds bucket. Sparkly clean #TradesTalk


‏ @JimATAG

  1. #Tradestalk keep a dry wipe marker in your dashboard. Handy for when clients call you on the handsfree and you need to take notes. Windscreen reminder board.


‏ @Liz_BreedonCem

  1. I also liked the idea of gluing a magnet to the bottom of your hammer to hold nails whilst you’re doing something #TradesTalk


‏ @the24hrplumber

  1. Top Tip for #TradesTalk. Those of you who struggle getting up in the morning, set tons of alarms. You’ll still wake up late, be in a grumpy mood but at least you’re awake @TradesTalk


‏ @bitznpcz

  1. If you need an extra pair of hands when soldering, a pair of needle nose pliers held together with an elastic band makes a perfect clamp! (I used insulation tape to protect the plug from damage).



  1. @TradesTalk one for the plumbers…locate blockages in copper pipe by running a magnet along the pipe. A magnet will stick to magnatite build up. Good for checking blocked cold feed on open-vented systems #TradesTalk


‏ @jvbbvr

  1. Sometimes when I go to a customer’s house I’ll have my own mug with me. It’s always in my tool bag waiting to be filled with the finest tea bags. I always plant it on the side in view and before you know it I’ll hear ‘would you like a cuppa?’ #TeaHack #TradesTalk


‏ @bitznpcz

  1. Stop tools going rusty in your toolbox by adding sachet’s of silica gel to absorb the moisture (these come in the boxes of most electrical goods)



  1. Not a hack. More an observation. Spend time with family and friends. Listen to your kids and talk to your parents (I mean really talk) The kids grow up to fast, your parents won’t be there forever and sometimes your friends need a friend. Works great, but it’s not everything


  1. Use vinegar to clean a glass hobb #TradesTalk


‏ @Maz338

  1. @drapertools #TradesTalk It’s heartbreaking when you leave your packed lunch in the fridge!!! I have stopped forgetting & leave an empty carrier or empty lunch bag on the handle of  front door! Either night before or when you get up! #classhack!!



  1. Anything really dirty use the jet wash at the garage, no big lumps if dirt on your drive #TradesTalk



  1. Well I had a problem with soldering fittings that are hanging down. They always seemed to drop off once the flux had been heated. I now use a tape measure. I extended it as much as I need and fix it in place. Actually works. #TradesTalk



  1. @TradesTalk Earth sleeving comes in handy for sucking water out of pipes before you solder them if you can’t get wet vac on it #TradesTalk


‏ @fillyourp0ckets

  1. @TradesTalk rubble sacks have always been helpful for me, the sites either has no bins or they are all full up. Plus you get brownie points for the site manager for being tidy #TradesTalk



‏ @SamArmstead

  1. One for when you tradesmen have finished work and aren’t driving….. the metal buckle on the seatbelt is a great bottle opener (if you don’t have one available) alcohol free if you’re still driving mind #TradesTalk


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