Venom Saws – A Sharp Start in Saws? Tool Business + Hire Review


Tool Business and Hire Magazine published an independent product review written by Peter Brett on our new range of Venom Saws. The review highlights pros of the saws including their fast cutting tooth configurations and “wobble free” blades.

” … The handsaw business is competitive. Full stop. Site chippies buy them in their thousands and it is not unusual for a hard pressed first fix carpenter on piece work rates to start each new day with a new saw..

The new range of Draper Venom saws have already “bitten” the market and have made a very good impression for a variety of reasons. It seems that users who have tried them have already come back for more. So, time to look at them and find out why.

The Venom range has the enormous advantage of being comprehensive from the off. There are 550mm, 500mm, toolbox and tenon saws as part of the range. Apart from the tenon saws, they all are available in double ground and triple ground tooth options so users have a fine choice to suit their preferences and needs.

I was pleased to notice that the blades are a full 1mm thick so are not “floppy” in the cut and the result is that it is a lot easier to keep to the cutting line. To reduce friction the blades are coated with a transparent lacquer that also helps to reduce corrosion.

Saw manufacturers have also learnt that users need decent grippy ergonomic handles – and the Venom saws have particularly good ones, with deep checkering for the finger grips and a good size for both big and small hands.

When it comes to tooth options users once again have a good choice with the Venom saws. My “prejudice” is for the double ground tooth formation. With this option, the teeth are pointed and ground on both sides of the point. I find that this tooth option is easier to start in the cut and easier to control down the cutting line. Some users might say that it is a bit slower than using a triple ground saw, but I think you get a slightly better finish to the cut.

Aimed at: Pros and serious DIYers who need a serious saw at a good price.
Pros:- Well made with 1mm thick “wobble free” blades and fast cutting tooth configurations.

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