Winter Driving Essentials from Draper Tools

Winter Driving Essentials

Winter has arrived and we’ve got the tools you need to keep you safe on the roads during the colder months, including Ice Scrapers, Snow Shovels, Tyre Pressure Gauges, Tyre Tread Depth Gauges, Mini Air Compressors, Foot Pumps, Warning Triangles, Wheel Nut Wrenches, Battery Chargers and much much more. At this time of year it’s always best to be prepared and keep a few essentials in your car. Here’s our round-up of winter motoring essentials as well as some top tips to keep you safe.

Don’t freeze while you defrostDraper Tools Ice Scraper and Mitt Stock No: 33011
Don’t let your hands freeze while you’re defrosting the car! Use the ingenious new Draper Tools Ice Scraper and Mitt to keep your hands warm whilst clearing ice and snow from your windscreen.

Top tips:

  • Never pour hot or boiling liquid onto your windscreen, this could cause the glass to crack
  • Only ever use an ice scraper to remove ice – using something else could leave you with a scratched windscreen
  • Spray some WD40 into your locks the night before to ensure they don’t freeze over

Don’t get snowed inDraper Tools Folding Steel Shovel Stock No: 51002
Snowstorms don’t just happen overnight, you could find yourself snowed in after a long day at work or even find your route home blocked by snow. In the colder months it’s always a good idea to keep a shovel handy in the car. This Draper Tools Folding Steel Shovel is ideal for the boot of the car. Made with a carbon steel serrated blade and a tubular steel handle, it’s powder coated to prevent corrosion and folds away into a handy compact pouch.

Top tips:

  • Make sure your exhaust pipe isn’t obscured by snow when you start the car
  • Try to get as much snow as possible off the roof so that it doesn’t end up on the windscreen when you start driving and obscure your vision
  • If you’re struggling to pull away even after digging out the snow around your tyres, try putting a piece of cardboard under your wheels to help them grip

Be prepared for battery issues12V DC Draper Tools Vehicle to Vehicle Booster Stock No: 46544

When battery issues prevent your car from starting it can be a real pain, especially in Winter. Whether you end up getting cold waiting for your breakdown provider to arrive or you manage to find some jump leads, it almost always ruins your plans. Now thanks to Draper Tools there is a quicker way to boost your battery and get the car going again. The new Draper Tools 12V DC Vehicle to Vehicle Booster gives low vehicle batteries the boost required to get started in just minutes. There’s no need for jump leads either, just connect the booster between the vehicles’ cigarette lighter sockets and in a matter of minutes the battery receiving charge is ready to start!

Top tip:

  • Double check that everything electrical is off when you park up, especially if you plan to leave the car for a few days over the holidays. It’s not just external lights you need to check, radios and internal lights can run the battery down in the cold too.

Keep warmDraper Tools 1.5Ltr Vacuum Flask Stock No: 45578
Having a flask in the car is good advice for staying warm this time of year, this 1.5L Draper Tools Flask is finished in sleek stainless steel and comes with a folding side handle, adjustable shoulder strap and pop-up easy pouring stopper.

Top tip:

  • In the winter you never know when a road accident or obstruction could leave waiting in your car for a long time in the cold. So plan ahead and put a warm blanket, coat, gloves, hat and scarf in your car the night before and pack a flask of hot drink in the morning before you set off.

Keep tyres in top condition

Pay extra attention to your tyres at this time of year and make sure they’re at the correct pressure to keep you safe on the Draper Tools Tyre Pressure Gauge Stock No: 69923roads. This hand-held dual reading Tyre Pressure Gauge from Draper Tools comes in a range of colours and is ideal to keep in the car.

Should your tyres need some inflation the high performance Expert Double Cylinder Foot Pump will get the job done quickly. The pump comes with 600mm delivery hose with a ‘Lock On’ connector for tyres and three accessory nozzles. Don’t forget to check your tread depth either; with the Draper Tools Tyre Tread Depth Gauge it’s quick and easy to get an accurate measurement.

Top tips:

  • Check your tyres every couple of weeks in winter as tyre pressure can fall in cold outdoor temperatures
  • Remember 3mm tread depth on your tyres is recommended for winter motoring and sometimes more if your driving abroad

Don’t be in the darkExpert Plus CREE 1 LED Aluminium Torch (1 x AA battery) Stock No: 34385
With the darker months upon us it’s essential to have a torch in the car. Here at Draper Tools we have a wide range of torches to help you out in an emergency. The Expert Plus CREE 1 LED Aluminium Torch is great torch to keep handy, it has a solid aluminium case with a single ultra bright 100 lumen CREE LED. It’s also water proof to a depth of 2 Metres and features impact resistant casing capable of withstanding drops from 1.5 metres. This is an incredibly durable torch for any situation and includes a four function magnetic switch (low, medium, high, SOS) for emergencies. When the SOS setting is chosen the torch automatically flashes a morse code SOS signal.

Top tip:

  • LED torches can last up to 50 times longer than a regular torch, so for winter motoring an LED torch is a must. If you get stranded at night in the winter you don’t want to be worrying about your torch batteries running out.Draper Tools Vehicle Warning Triangle Stock No: 24342

Be seen

Breaking down is serious at any time of year but in the dark can be very dangerous, especially if you’re on a bend or out in a rural area without street lights. The Draper Tools Warning Triangle, does exactly as the name suggests and will alert unsuspecting traffic to your presence, warning them to slow down. In a breakdown situation it’s often safest to wait outside your car but you still need to make sure you’re seen the dark, so keep a High Visibility Waistjacket in your car for emergencies.

Top tip:Expert High Visibility Large Traffic Waistcoat to EN471 Class 2L - Size L Stock No: 27485

  • Have your breakdown cover provider’s number already stored in your mobile phone. You won’t want to waste time looking for this in an emergency.

You’ll find Draper Tools winter motoring essentials are available to buy from stores around the country and online. To browse the full winter driving range click here.