Workshop Magazine Award GT6 Gas Torch Best Buy

2-in-1 Soldering Iron and Gas Torch GT6
The September 2017 issue of Workshop Magazine looked at a range of torches that could be particularly useful to the home or mobile mechanic and awarded our Soldering Iron and Gas Torch BEST BUY.

Draper 2-in-1 Soldering Iron and Gas Torch (stock no. 78772)

The body of this unit isn’t the most comfortable, as the grip area also contains the butane reservoir. But the refillable torch is a winner in other ways. It’s small, can be squeezed into tight locations, and is capable of burning at up to 1,300 degrees Celsius, which is hot enough for most jobs.

It’s also a brilliant tool to have around if you’re unable to access an electricity supply, as it comes with a removable soldering tip. For mobile or roadside operators this gives the tool a dual purpose, as well as giving workshop users a way of accessing electrical connections in more awkward locations.

It’s a small tool, but one with myriad uses.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Craig Cheetham, Workshop Magazine, September 2017.

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