Workshop Magazine Recommended – Expert Safety Spectacles 11969


The June 2016 Issue of Workshop Magazine performed a product test on a range of safety spectacles and gave the
Expert Safety Spectacles with UV Protection and Flexible Frame
(stock no. 11969) a rating of 4/5.

… It’s probably the piece of safety equipment most overlooked in a workshop – and with some irony – but eye protection is among the most important. Regardless of the kind of workshop you’re in there’s always something eager to fly through the air and, with unerring aim, land straight in your eye. At best, this is uncomfortable and annoying; at worst, you’ll need a trip to the eye wash station or even A&E …

Expert Safety Spectacles with UV Protection and Flexible Frame

Stock Number: 11969

While we’re largely greater fans of the wraparound style of the Sealey SSP61/612 and the protection that affords from the side, the pronounced rear edge of the Draper lenses does a pretty solid job. The reinforced bridge with a soft rubber nose moulding makes these a nicely solid bit of kit – and in classic Draper blue, too! They’re comfortable to wear over very long periods as well, and, like the other Draper Expert glasses here, come with a soft case to keep the lenses free from scratches in storage – useful, as these were the easiest specs to damage on that front.

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Workshop Magazine – June 2016.