Workshop Magazine Recommended – Soft Grip Screwdriver Set (8 Piece), Stock No.07511

Soft Grip Screwdriver Set, Stock No.07511

The February 2017 issue of Workshop Magazine performed a product test on a range of screwdrivers and gave the Soft Grip Screwdriver Set (stock no. 07511) their “Recommended” accolade.

… We put the tools to the test by driving home screws with the appropriate-sized heads into materials requiring high torque, to see what they could comfortably deliver. We also tried unfastening screws torqued in with a drill to see which screwdrivers deal best with them

Soft Grip Screwdriver Set (stock no. 07511)

Stock Number: 07511

This is a decent set of eight drivers with a good variety of sizes that comes close to the top of our favourites here. The palm section of the handles is not the most comfortable, but there’s a neat three-way thumb moulding lower down that makes them easy to control with precision. The magnetised tips are among the strongest here, and the drivers come presented in a small, flexible rack that you could mount on a wall or other surface.

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Workshop Magazine – February 2017.