230V Router, 8mm, 1,200W (02519)

230V Router, 8mm, 1,200W
Product Description

This versatile router has a smooth plunge action and a powerful 1,200W motor. It features variable speed and an adjustable parallel fence. The depth locking lever, adjustable depth stop and fine height adjustment enable easy, precise cutting and shaping of different materials. The two side handles allow for a firm grip during application. There is an integrated trigger switch on the handle for ease of use and a trigger safety button. Compatible with 6mm, 8mm and 1/4" collets. Supplied with a set of accessories.

  • Variable speed
  • Adjustable parallel fence
  • Fine height adjustment
  • Compatible with 6mm, 8mm and 1/4" collets
1 x 230V Router, 8mm, 1,200W 1 x Parallel guide fence 1 x 6mm, 8mm and 1/4"" collets 1 x Pivot rod trammel (circle guide) 1 x Template follower 1 x Spanner
Voltage;Power;No-load speed;Collet size;Working depth;Cable length;Weight; 230V; 1,200W; 11,000–30,000rpm; 6mm, 8mm and 1/4; 50mm; 2m; 4kg


24 months

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