Car Valet Kit
Car Valet Kit

Car Valet Kit

Stock No: 04288 Part No: *CVK


Comprehensive kit for cleaning vehicles.

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VAT rated at: 20.00%

Brand Info:

The Draper range is our standard Draper product, suitable for trades and the enthusiast. Manufactured with quality in mind and comes with our guarantee.

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Car Valet Kit Stock No.04288 includes the following items:

Car Valet Kit

1 x Expert 500mm Heavy Duty Tote Tray

Stock No 05179 Part No. TT500
Car Valet Kit

1 x Synthetic Sponge

Stock No 40418 Part No. SJ
Car Valet Kit

1 x Latex Gloves (Pack of 10)

Stock No 63767 Part No. GLAT-10L
Car Valet Kit

1 x Short Handle Washing Brush

Stock No 44246 Part No. VV1
Car Valet Kit

1 x 2 in 1 Microfibre Car Wash Mitt

Stock No 15041 Part No. CWMTN/B
Car Valet Kit

1 x Bucket - Yellow (14.8L)

Stock No 10636 Part No. BKT/Y
Car Valet Kit

1 x Large - 2.5 Sq ft Chamois Leather

Stock No 44252 Part No. VV7
Car Valet Kit

1 x Twin Pack of 400 x 400mm Microfibre Cloths

Stock No 51080 Part No. C7RS
Car Valet Kit

1 x 300mm Silicone Squeegee

Stock No 76482 Part No. WB-DG.


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