Expert 6/12/24V Battery Charger with Desulphation Facility
Expert 6/12/24V Battery Charger with Desulphation Facility

Expert 6/12/24V Battery Charger with Desulphation Facility

Stock No: 07266 Part No: BC2213D

TSP: £220.95 Ex. VAT | £265.14 Inc. VAT

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This product has been discontinued but limited stock may be available, an alternative product 07265 is available.


Expert Quality, microprocessor controlled smart charger for garage and workshop use. The charger will fully maintain the battery when vehicle is not used for several months. With a built in desulphation capability allowing the detached sulphite to return to the electrolyte within the battery. Can be left permanently connected without damage to the battery. Built in polarity protection for total security. Suitable for use with lead acid, lead acid maintenance free, lead AGM, lead calcium and GEL batteries. Carton packed.

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VAT rated at: 20.00%


Charging output6/12/24V
Input-single phase230V - 13A
Charging steps3
Charging current22A (12V)
Charging current average15A (EN60335)
Dimensions290 x 175 x 120mm

Brand Info:

The Draper Expert range is our benchmark for quality. Manufactured for the professional or for industrial use and comes with our guarantee.

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Expert 6/12/24V Battery Charger with Desulphation Facility

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