Bench Mounted Planer Thicknesser (1500W)
Bench Mounted Planer Thicknesser (1500W)
Bench Mounted Planer Thicknesser (1500W)
Bench Mounted Planer Thicknesser (1500W)

Bench Mounted Planer Thicknesser (1500W)

Stock No: 09543 Part No: BPT200

TSP: £324.00 Ex. VAT | £388.80 Inc. VAT

This item is featured in Power Cat October 2018 which runs until 31st Mar 2019.


No-volt switch

•   Adjustable cutting depth
•   0-45° tilting fence
•   HSS blades
•   No-volt safety switch
•   Dust extraction nozzle
Supplied with parallel adjustment width guide, two HSS blades, blade setting tool and dust extraction port with adaptor. Fitted with cable and approved plug. Carton packed.

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VAT rated at: 20.00%


Speed (no load)9000r/min
Planer depth2mm
Thicknesser depth3mm
Planer width212mm
Sole plate length770mm
Thicknesser feed rate6M/min
Thickness capacity height120mm
Thickness capacity width204mm
Thicknesser table length270mm
Thicknesser feed rate6M/min

Brand Info:

The Draper range is our standard Draper product, suitable for trades and the enthusiast. Manufactured with quality in mind and comes with our guarantee.

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Bench Mounted Planer Thicknesser (1500W)

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