Anti-Freeze, Battery and Screenwash Refractometer Kit

Anti-Freeze, Battery and Screenwash Refractometer Kit

Stock No: 10645

Expert Quality, precision refractometer used for measuring anti - freeze strength, battery fluid and screenwash strength. Designed to work with the new anti - freeze technology such as G11, G12 and G13. Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) ensures accurate and dependable results. Supplied with calibration screwdriver, calibration fluid, pipette and cleaning cloth. Packed in storage case.


The Draper Expert range is our benchmark for quality. Manufactured for the professional or for industrial use and comes with our guarantee.

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VAT rated at: 20.00 %

Award Winner:
 Auto Express Magazine - Best Buy 2012 find out more...

Anti-freeze measuring range0 to -50℃
Battery fluid gravity measuring range1.10 - 1.40
Screenwash measuring range0 to -40℃


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