Engine Timing Kit (FORD)
Engine Timing Kit (FORD)

Engine Timing Kit (FORD)

Stock No: 17679 Part No: ETK168


Used on the following Vehicles: Ford B - MAX 2012 - 2017 Ford C - MAX 2007 - 2017 Ford Fiesta 2002 - 2017 Ford Focus 2003 - 2011 Ford Fusion 2002 - 2012 Ford Galaxy 2006 - 2015 Ford Mondeo 2007 - 2017 Ford S - MAX 2006 - 2015 Ford Transit 2006 - 2011 Engine Codes: 1.25ccSPJD, SPJE, RTJC, RTJE, FXJA, FXJB, SPJA, SPJC, RTJA, RTJB, RTJD, ASDA, ASDB, FXJC, UTJA1.4ccSPJC, SPJE, RTJB, RTJD, ASDA, ASDB, FXJA1.6ccHWDA, HWDB, SHDA, SHDB, SHDC, FYJA, FYJB, HWDA, HWDB, SHDA, SHDB, SHDC, HWDA, HWDB, FYJA, FYJB, FYJC2.0ccUADA, AOWA, TBWA, TBWB, AOWB, AOBA, TBBA, TBBB, AOBC, UACA2.3ccSEWA, SEBA, GZFA, GZFB, GZFC

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VAT rated at: 20.00%

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