We've had a team of people working around the clock to source reliable and quality PPE, that conforms to relevant European standards. We're pleased to say that we've achieved this for much needed face masks and other protection.

We've flown in products to meet the demand and we've paid a premium for the materials because there's a shortage of supply in the world right now.

These extreme circumstances have meant that our prices have increased but we want to reassure you that we're just covering our operational costs to get this much needed PPE to those who really need it. We know the price is not ideal and we hope it doesn't last forever but our focus right now, is bringing in genuine PPE that you can trust.

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Single Use Medical Face Masks (50 Piece)
Single Use Medical Face Masks (50 Piece)

NEW Single Use Medical Face Masks (50 Piece)

Stock No: 21657

Conforms to EN 14683 Specifications

Type 1 disposable medical face masks ensure a BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency) of 95%. Offers 3 layers of protection against low fluid exposure. Designed for disposable healthcare in a general environment – it is not suitable for special protection during surgery.

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VAT exempt


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