Wet and Dry Bench Grinder (350W)

Wet and Dry Bench Grinder (350W)

Stock No: 31235 Part No: GWD205A


Designed for the workshop to hone and grind hand and garden tools. With a horizontal whetstone honing wheel, dry white grinding wheel, eye protection shield, spark deflectors, wheel guards and adjustable tool rests. Uses white dry grinding wheel especially suitable for high speed steel tooling. Fitted with a cable and approved plug. Display carton.

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VAT rated at: 20.00%


Whetstone wheel diameter200mm
Whetstone wheel bore80mm
Dry white stone wheel dia.125mm
Dry white stone wheel bore12.7mm
Whetstone speed320r/min
Dry white stone speed28950r/min

Brand Info:

The Draper range is our standard Draper product, suitable for trades and the enthusiast. Manufactured with quality in mind and comes with our guarantee.

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