12V Battery Charger with Constant Output Mode
12V Battery Charger with Constant Output Mode
12V Battery Charger with Constant Output Mode

12V Battery Charger with Constant Output Mode

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Expert Quality, designed to help technicians with diagnostics on vehicles fitted with ECU's. The unit provides a constant (10A) power source, maintaining the battery charge during 'Key on, Engine off' diagnostics such as fault code reading and ECU reprogramming. The built - in patented desulphation recovery programme enables restoring and charging sulphate batteries as low a 1V. Fitted with a host of features which include: soft start current control preventing damage to small or partially discharged batteries; reverse polarity protection; short circuit shutdown which prevents damage to the charger in the event of a short circuit or polarity inversion. All features are suitable for charging 12V batteries between 35 and 110Ah. When the charging cycle has ended, the charger enters standby mode compensating for any battery discharge while maintaining the battery in peak condition without overcharging. Carton packed.


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VAT rated at: 20.00 %

Charging output12V
Input-single phase230V AC - 13A
Charge current15A (max.)
10A (RMS)
Absorbed power350VA
Nominal capacity35-110Ah
Dimensions250 x 180 x 190mm


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