High Frequency AC/DC TIG/MMA Aluminium Welder Dti, 200A (70052)

High Frequency AC/DC TIG/MMA Aluminium Welder Dti, 200A
Product Description

Dual function (TIG/MMA) high frequency ignition multi-purpose welder. It includes powerful IGBT invertor technology. Equipped with AC/DC TIG function for welding stainless steel and aluminium. Robust machine fitted with carry bar.

  • IGBT Inverter technology
  • High frequency start
  • Pulse function
  • Foot pedal supplied
  • Latest digital technology for superior performance and precision control
1 x TIG torch (3.6m cable)
1 x 200A Electrode holder
1 x 300A Earth clamp
1 x Gas hose
1 x Foot pedal
1 x Chipping hammer/wire brush
1 x Face mask
Amperage range 10-200A
Power supply 230V-32A
Electrode size 1.6-5.0mm
Duty cycle 20% @200A / 100% @155A
Dimensions 557 x 210 x 395mm
Weight (net) 25.5kg
Euro Torch Connector/Dinse Type Coupling 35/50
High Frequency Start YES
Suitable for MMA welding YES
Foot Pedal YES
Suitable for Welding Aluminium YES
Pulse Welding YES
Digital Display YES
Plug Fitted NO

Draper Expert

12 months

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